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layout: surprise cat attack

Layout: Suprise Cat Attack


Andrew just couldn't help himself; it was the perfect opportunity.
The cat was napping and completely oblivious to her surroundings.
Andrew pounced, catching Siu Hak completely off guard.
Don't feel too badly for the cat, she gets Andrew plenty of times too, and when he's not even napping!
When reading the journaling on this layout, some people would think that we're horrible owners, but let me assure you, my cat does not mind - she gets her fair share of surprising us.

When I first got those gold star sequins (I can't remember whether I got these from Citrus Twist or whether they were from an old Studio Calico PL kit), I thought, "What am I to do with those? I don't even like gold."

Of course, as with most scrapbooking supplies, if you save them up, one day you'll find a page that would have a use for those bits and pieces.

Note: Of course, at the same time, you should also limit the bits and pieces that you save, otherwise you'll never remember them all! I try to only keep as much supplies as this can hold, which I bought from Kmart, but you can buy from here.


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