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layout: peach tea's first day

There's actually a story behind this layout.

You see, this layout wasn't created entirely by me.

The Boy surprised me one Saturday by taking me to one of the largest scrapbooking store in the area (about 40 minutes drive).

He said that for that entire day, we will be doing what I like to do, scrapbooking. We were going to shop for supplies, and I was to walk him through making a scrapbook page.

The whole experience was an eye opener for both of us. It was interesting to see the kinds of papers and supplies that he was drawn to (we chose supplies based on some photos we selected from our phones), and he was surprised at the wide selection of supplies available.

When we got home I was surprised to see that he absolutely no trouble cutting up the pretty papers, nor did he have any problem covering up the feature design on the background paper. Pretty paper hoarders would know what I'm talking about.

He followed the sketch we had selected earlier with no problems, though I selected the flourishes, the chipboard pieces and ended up doing the journaling.

It was a collaborative effort, and I think that made this layout even more special to me than the layout content itself.


We actually got this little guy on September 11th, 2012.

It was a work day but it was one of those rare ones where Andrew could have lunch with me.

So I took Andrew to a pet shop near Queen Victoria Mark.

The shop didn't have much in way of dogs and cats, but they had plenty of birds and fish.

I knew Andrew liked birds and I was vaguely entertaining the idea of getting Andrew a bird for an anniversary present, but it depended on him finding one he liked.

And he did.

And so the vague idea became a reality; Andrew took the rosy-faced lovebird home.

The name PeachTea came a day later, as a reference to our favourite drink at that time, Lipton Peach Tea. And because we needed a gender-neutral name.

We still don't know which gender Peach Tea is.


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