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Recently - and by this I mean yesterday - I found two snail mail related links and I thought I'd share them with you.

The first one is the International Geek Girl Pen Pals Club.

Once a month on the 15th, they open a new round of sign ups for people interested in getting pen pals. You tell them a little bit about you, including your top 5 geek loves and at the end of the month would pair you up with someone who shares a similar interest.

But they aren't just a pen pal group. They are a blog, a book club, a photography group plus much more, with one over-arching theme - geek love.

I am still exploring their site and forum - there is quite a lot to read - but I knew I just had to tell people about them. Their current round of sign ups are about to end (finishes at the end of the month) so if you're a geek with a saved up pile of stationery, why not sign up and give it a go?

Now, if you're not sure you can commit to a possibly-long-term pen pal relationship, how about writing a postcard?

This second link is an event run by Sian from the blog From High in the Sky.

She's hosting a postcard exchange and she's accepting sign ups from now till June 30th (I know, I know, there's only a few days left, but I only just found out about it yesterday).


This is a one-off event; you sign up with your snail mail address and at the start of July you would receive 6 names and addresses in return.

This event was started because, for people in the Northern Hemisphere at least, it's Summer and a lot of people are going away on holidays.

So if you want to receive some cool postcards from around the globe, email Sian or visit her blog post to read more about the event.

I've signed up for both events; since I found the two links completely at random and from two completely different sources, something in the cosmos must be telling me to do some letter writing!


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