Not the electronic kind.

Over the past week, I’ve gotten both my copy of Art Journaling Winter 2010 edition and the Prismacolor pencils that I ordered for my SuziBlu Petit Dolls class (mentioned in my ).

I was very impatient to try out the pencils that everyone rave about and below is one of the non-wonky ones that I sketched and coloured. It’s kind of dark, so you can’t really see the colours properly (the face is actually a warmer colour).

Back to art journaling. I was inspired by D’Blogala to do a doodle a day, summarising the day in a small sketch. It’s an interesting exercise and makes you review your day and to record it, no matter how little happens. My fine point PITT pen ran out of ink on the first day, but I find that I’m more comfortable sketching in pencil; it’s less permanent and I’m less stressed about making a mistake.

When reading Art Journaling, I decided I need to start thinking of creating a “centerpiece” for my journal pages, whether it was a sketch or a quote. This makes it less of a pretty piece of paper with writing on it, but an integrated page – a piece of art. I’m not that comfortable sketching, but I guess it’ll come with practice.