As mentioned in my first post, Diana Trout’s “Journal Spilling” was what started me on the road to art journaling. I did not read, nor buy the book; it was the book title that had me googling on what art journaling is.

Now finally, I’ve bought myself a copy and it arrived in the mail a week ago.

It is a very interesting book and offers some prompts and page ideas if you are stuck, however I am glad that I only bought the book now and not when I first started researching on art journaling.

This is because the book encourages messy pages, getting things down, and to hell with the critic. As I was more inspired by messy but pretty pages (eg. Samantha Kira), I don’t think I would have been in the mind frame to appreciate the message Journal Spilling was trying to get across.

One part of the book that I was very interested in were the instructions on making your own patterned paper. Scrapbooking is not a big thing here in Hong Kong – or at least I haven’t found it – so I don’t have the advantage of going to a stationery store and buying all those pretty pattered scrapbook paper. So I’d be interested in giving some of those paper dyeing techniques a go.