I’ve recently discovered a new colour combination that I really like, it’s a combination of orange, yellow and pink with a bit of green. I tried to take a photo of the background (below) but the picture doesn’t do it justice.

The colour combination reminds me of the rose bush that grew outside of my bedroom window when I was in Primary School.

One thing I discovered while I was staring at the completed background was that I didn’t know what to put on top of it.

I’m sure plenty of you have experienced the same situation in the past; you become so enamoured with the background you’ve slated over that you just couldn’t bring yourself to write on top of it or – Goddess forbid – collage over it.

But it would be a shame to leave it just as a “blank” page, so after much internal debate, I allowed myself to draw a mandala over it.

I have a feeling that this page isn’t finished yet, but for now this is as much “desecrating” as I could allow myself. Maybe later when I’ve become a bit more detached to the page, I would add more on it.

What do you do with “sacred backgrounds”?