This blog was supposed to be about my attempts at creating art. But I realised that it’s not really possible to talk about just one facet of my life without other bits leaking in. If I tried, it may result in a very flat, boring blog listing my latest project without putting any of it into context.

I’m not planning on writing entries about my love for tv shows like Bones or House or How I met your mother anytime soon (~aw~ I know, right?), but I figured that I could let the reins go a bit and just generally chat about other things as well.

At the moment I’m also reading up on methods to crafting better blog posts. Of course, blogging about journal pages should come in second to actually creating journal pages, but that doesn’t mean that I should make a shabby job of presenting them either.

I hope to be able to hone my blogging skills a bit more, to take my time in actually crafting my posts as opposed to just banging them out. It should result in a more pleasant reading experience to my subscribers – no longer would you have to put up with my randomness and my phases of inactivity (I hope).

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And just so that this post is not completely without pictures, this is my latest attempt at zentangling.

I’m fascinated with 3D zentangles, the ones with depth or the more organic ones (as opposed to the flat, linoleum patterned ones). I spent quite a number of afternoons in the past week copying down tangles for reference.


I’m currently drawing my zentangles in my organiser which I tote with me everywhere. I don’t know how I’ll incorporate them into my journal pages – I’m against the idea of just filling random shapes on a page with tangles and calling them “zentangles”; it seems that zentangles are pieces of art on their own as opposed to a way of “decorating” pages, but we’ll see how that goes.