sigh I did it again.

I should have known better than to walk into that aquarium shop. Since getting a pretty little betta fish, I’ve been trying to figure out how to snaze up his tank.

Now his tank is already pretty snazzy itself, being a 23L Fluval Edge and everything. But I’m not really great with aquarium decor and I haven’t installed a heater in the tank yet.

So driving by Glen Waverley today, I see Amazing Amazon – a pet store specialising in exotic pets and aquariums – and I go in for a gander.

Would you believe it, they have bluespotted ribbontail rays!


I didn’t take as much photos as I should, I was too busy gawking. They had snakes and lizards, birds and fishes, and coral. Oh my god.

So I grabbed a few things (cough cough) to put in my tank.

And here it is.