This week I’ll be showing you pictures of my workstation in the office of my day job.

This is because I want to take this chance to show off my latest joy in life. My iPad 2! (Yeah, my joy in life is shallow and materialistic, sue me XD)


I’ve kind of wanted one since the first model came out, but had no justification for buying one. The iPad is for content consumption, and truth be told, I’m more about content creation.

But I’ve been playing with more and more photo manipulation apps – which isn’t surprising since the developers are cranking out better and better apps – and I realised that the iPad would be the perfect photo manipulation tool.

I’ll be able to instantly download my photos from my iPhone or camera using the camera connection kit and the touch-screen will allow me to have a hands-on approach to editing my photos. As much as I like my graphic tablet, it’s still not as nice as “touching” your photo while editing. ;p


I took this picture one morning on the way to work. I only used a light touch of “100 cameras in 1” app to create some mood and left it at that.

What this means is that there may not be a lot of art journal pages, or even zentangles for a little while. This is what happens when I get a new toy!