Don’t know what Project Life is? Visit Becky Higgins’ website or view the following video:

What is Project Life? from Becky Higgins LLC on Vimeo.

So here is my first project life spread using Echo Park’s Today’s Story PhotoFreedom Kit.

I really love the pinks and the aquas, they really match the photos I took on my trip to Brisbane during Christmas last year.

A closer look at the left page:

I’m still trying to figure out a more elegant way of adding journaling to my layout. Perhaps it’s time to increase my journaling card stash?

Right page:

Echo Park’s PhotoFreedom kit includes their own divided page protectors; some of them are the same as Becky Higgins’ but some are quite different, like the one above.

The 6×12 partition on this page is perfect for multi-shot photos, or perhaps for long pieces of journaling. I chose the former in the above layout.

The problem with divided page protectors is that the sewn lines create partitions that aren’t true 6×4 – or in the case of Becky Higgins’ page protectors, the 3×4 partitions are slightly narrow.

To avoid this issue, Echo Park’s page protectors aren’t true 12×12, instead the left hand page is slightly wider, and the right hand page is taller.

In the right hand page, although the three 6×4 inserts fit perfectly in the protector, the vertical piece is higher than 12 inches. This means that any 12×12 patterned paper would be a tad too short.

Being the OCD that I am, I couldn’t stand having a 6×12 layout rattling around. Instead I extended the length of the 6×12 layout by overlapping it with another 6×4 card. I’ll have to do something similar on the other side, but that shouldn’t be too much of an issue.

Have anyone else tried out different brands that offer divided page protectors? What are your experiences with them? Leave a comment below.