Whew, I’m catching up.

I’m writing this post while the layout for week 15 sits at my desk waiting for me to add the last bits of journaling and embellishments.

I’m actually a little bit afraid of what I would write about after I’m all caught up. Would I fall back into my old routine of MIA for 6 months… or more? I do hope not. This was actually quite fun.

The only hard part is getting the photos of the layouts taken. With Winter approaching here in the Down Under, there’s less and less daylight and it’s usually full dark by the time I get home from work.

This means I either have to get up way earlier to take the photos before work (not happening), or do it all during the weekend.

I’ve been doing the latter, and that’s been working fine for me in multiple ways.

1) If I have all the photos I need for a week’s worth of blog posts photographed and ready to go, it makes it much easier for me to just write snippets of posts while I’m on the go. I’m kind of a visual person and I need my photos to tell me what to blog about.

2) Also, batch photographing (is that even a word?) means I get to do all my editing in one lot.

As you know, I’ve been listening to the Paperclipping Roundtable, and on more than one occasion, they’ve advocated batch processing to improve effectiveness, whether it’s editing photos in batches, printing in batches, or journaling in batches. I’ve found that to resonate with my non-creative processes as well.

Of course, batch processing worked when I had a pile of completed layouts for me to photograph and a week’s worth of blog posts all planned out. Now that I’m kinda caught up, I’m gonna have to get cracking with the scrapbooking so I have more stuff to write about.

Anyway, onto the actual project life layout (thank you, to all the readers who are still with me after that rant):


This week’s layout was created with the March Project Life Kit from Citrus Twists (look at all those caps) which arrived earlier in the month. I choose to use the blues and greens, along with some neutrals from the kit for this layout.

My cat decided she wanted to sit inside the oven after we left it open to cool. She was actually sitting inside the oven when I went to get the camera, but a black cat inside a dark oven doesn’t photograph well. So I had to wait until she was partially out to snap this shot.

That’s the problem with owning a black cat, they blend in so well (especially when the owner loves black furnishings).

During the week, I went over to my Bestie’s house and she made me dinner. She’s a fantastic cook, so I just had to add pictures of her creations in my layout. I also used some of the brushes I got from Jessica Sprague’s Motography class as overlays for the photos.

I love how photos look with words typed over it – it’s just a matter of figuring out the right font for each photo. Oh, and actually pre-planning what to write before printing the photos – which I’m actually quite bad at.

As I mentioned before, my Studio Calico subscription was activated at the same time as my Citrus Twist kit arrived in the mail, and I just couldn’t help adding in a screenshot of the activation notification email – yes, I am a little ticked about the whole situation. It would be interesting to compare the two kits when the SC kit arrives.

Question for my readers

One last thing before you all gallivant off to the next blog. I’m currently seeing an average of 70 hits on my blog per day, and although that may be very little for some people, it’s quite a lot to me. And I’m curious to know where you guys come from, and what brings you to my blog.

Dry statistics from Blogger doesn’t tell me anything. I want to know what interests you in my blog, what do you enjoy reading. Where did you find me? What things have you enjoyed reading and wish that I would write more about? What improvements do you want to see in future posts?

Please feel free to comment below so that I could improve this blog.